Friday, July 18, 2008

Australis Animalus, Exhibited at Formargruppen, Sweden, 2008.

About Formargruppen
Formargruppen is an artists cooperation with a shop and a gallery in downtown Malmö, Sweden. The 20 members are all professional craft artists working in different materials. All the artists are local, and most of them can be visited in their studios as well as in the shop. The gallery shows a new exhibition every month, where the audience can experience new, often experimental, conceptual crossover expressions within the contemporary crafts scene.

Formargruppen is a shop and gallery in Malmö, the third city of Sweden. Over the years Formargruppen has become one of the leading venues for crafts in Sweden. In the Gallery we exhibit a mix of emerging artists with more established artists in the field, mostly from Sweden. We also want to work with an international artist or group every year. This year we are planning an international group exhibition with selected artists from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Great Britain, USA, Canada and Australia.

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