Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Work in Progress

Transformation Nation, Ceramic
Well, the first year of my Masters course at Sydney College of the Arts is slowly coming to an end. In the last month I have been juggling writing an essay on my practice, working out chapter headings, project outline, woodfiring with the Ceramic Study Group, and a hell of a lot of studio work.

I am concurrently working on projects that incorporate the feline form. I have been conscientiously researching Japanese Pop culture in relation to Neo-Exoticism and am fascinated by the constant appearance of cats, particularly of the cutesy variety. This has lead me to investigate the culture of Kawaii (cute) in Japan and its historical background.

My first project is a direct result of the observation of this phenomenon in the world of merchandising. I have posted some work in progress images of my first installation Ike-Unko and Transformation Nation. The fact that Japan is a nation that is fascinated with childhood obsessions and invariably suffers from a Peter Pan complex is something that I am exploring in my own work by looking at merchandising products associated with Manga and Anime.

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