Thursday, July 23, 2009

australian ceramics triennale, sydney, 09

Penny Byrne, John and Janette Were all set for the Long Walk

Penny Byrne, If Only Gay Sex Caused Global Warming, mused Mother Earth
Just when I thought it was safe to relax , I came home to the pulsating vibe of the 'Australian Ceramics Triennale'. And as it was taking place just down the road from me at my old college (NAS), I couldnt find a reason not to go. I listened and watched, albeit a little brain dead, but it was worth hanging around for the Marek Cecula and Takashi Yasuda words of wisdom - "Design is Dead" (ie: as we know it). And of course I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Penny Byrne's pieces in the flesh. She is probably one of my fav ceramic artists at the mo. . Thanks Penny.

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