Monday, February 9, 2009

Arne Aase

Ole Lislerud, Ignis - Bybrann Monument Skansekaia, Aalesund, Norway, 2005.

Knut Natvik, Form, 1995.

As most of you aware, I am in Scandinavia for 6mths on exchange at the Kunsthogskolen i Oslo internationally known as The Oslo National Academy of the Arts or simply known by the locals as KHIO. I am in the presence of great professors and tutors such as Ole Lislerud, Arne Aase, Haico Nietzsche, and Knut Natvik. I am using their expertise to follow up my past research into ceramic enamel colours and printing on clay techniques. In the past few weeks I have been observing the students making decals and applying designs on glazed surfaces with enamels both oil and water based. I am also working towards an exhibition so have been furiously making molds while chatting away to Arne Aase about his current research into mineral fertilizers as a way of increasing transparency on a clay body. His research is still in its infancy and many students are experimenting with it and achieving exciting and promising results that could revolutionise the world of porcelain and transparency. Anyway, stay tuned for more info on the topic.

I have concocted a project for myself based on the Norwegian landscape. My room in the Kringsja student housing project overlooks the Sognsvann Lake and surrounding woodland even though I am only 15min by train from the city centre. Sitting here by the window and looking out at the large snowflakes drift to the ground seems like a fairytale reality. I am also engrossed in re-watching Twin Peaks, so the woods are truly alive for me at the moment!. I am creating a dreamscape narrative that will protrude from the wall using found objects and a 2D composition on the wall. It may sound like I have the project fastidiously planned out but they are all just fragments of ideas in my mind at the moment. Anyway, it has been 4weeks now and I am over the plaster making hurdle and can now focus my creativity on the materialisation of these threads of ideas. It is a true luxury to have this time to realise the potential of my ideas!

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