Monday, February 9, 2009

Oslo Ceramics @ Galleri FORMAT

Work by Stine Walderhaug

Jim Darbu, Who wants to live forever, 2009.

Jim Darbu and his work Same old day, different shit, 2008.

Professor Ole Lislerud giving a lively speech at the Opening of Oslo Ceramics. I have no idea what he said, as it was all in Norwegian, but I heard later that he was mainly praising the artists for their unique approach to the medium of ceramics.

On the 20th Jan I attended an exhibition opening titled Oslo Ceramics including KHIO talent Jim Darbu Now here is the work of someone with a great imagination! Gotta love that room temperature glaze. Jim has a unique way of working with acrylic spray on paints and car paint. A great way to push the boundaries of ceramics.

The group Oslo Ceramics comprises of 5 artists working in the ceramic medium. They are all recent graduates that share a passion for expressing themselves with the ceramic medium but not afraid to incorporate unconventional techniques.

The exhibition was held @ Galleri Format

This is a gallery that specialises in showcasing the best from the arts & crafts scene. It is funded by the Norwegian Association of Arts and Crafts (NK) that is in turn supported by the Ministry of Culture. The NK organisation supports professional experience within the areas of ceramics, textiles, metal, wood, glass, and leather.

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