Monday, May 18, 2009


Ultra:Blamann, ceramics, photograph, projection.

Fractured Fairytales: Fish Tank Fantasies, Ceramic and Mixed Media

Snipp, Snapp, Snute. Sa er eventyret ute (The End), Ceramic and Mixed Media.

Lust of the Huldra, Porcelain and Mixed Media.

Ultra: Blamann, Porcelain and Mixed Media.

I am rushing off to indulge in some traveling before I start my residency at The International Ceramic Research Centre in Denmark, so there's not much time for blogging but hopefully the pics will speak for themselves.

I presented my work on Friday 15th May in a small project space at KHIO. The exhibition was titled Ikke selg skinnet for bjornen er skutt, a norwegian proverb meaning Don't skin the bear before its hunted down. I wanted to use the context of Norwegain proverbs for my titles as they are also linked to folklore and legends, the basis of my project.

The Blue narrative titled Ultra: Blamann, was exhibited at The Norwegian Porcelain Biennale held in Porsgrunn on the 8th May. The exhibition finishes at the end of May, so I have decided to donate the work to The Oslo National Academy of Arts. So, for this exhibition I presented a large print out of the work with a 3D animation of snowflakes projected over it.

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