Monday, December 12, 2011

Workshops for 2012

Another year has gone....whoosh...
A great year of change for me. A new job, a new horse (sculpture), and a new place to live (coming soon!). I still teach at The Workshop Arts Centre in Willoughby though and its actually an exciting time there because the ceramic studio is getting a face lift. So if you'd like to come and check out the new facilities come and do a Summer Workshop!. I'll be running a Printing on Clay wknd and a Mould Making & Casting workshop in Jan 2012.

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Chacha said...

Hi Petra,

I find it funny to read your post this morning as I just enrolled for the Mould making workshop in Willoughby! I didn't realize this blog and the workshop tutor were the same person...
Now I'm even more impatient to assist your workshop as I know you're a very talented artist.
I'll see you on January! (I wanted to create a mould for a milk bottle, exactly like the picture in your post).